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Tweed Coast Demolition & Excavations (TCDE) is a family company based in South Tweed Heads, NSW. The company was formed by father and son, Ray and Tye Ruddy, and obtained demolition license in 2007. Both had their own businesses in earthworks and plant hire and joined forces when they obtained their NSW demolition licence. Since commencing, TCDE became a company in 2012 and are licensed in both New South Wales and Queensland for Demolition and Asbestos Removal.
We aim to build our business over time to enable us to offer our clients a more comprehensive service.
We are committed to the environment and re-cycling is a major focus of our business. We on-sell all reusable timber, recycle all metal and concrete and only take what is not recyclable to landfill. We take the necessary time in demolition work to recover all materials that can be recycled and are proud of our contribution to the environment.
Our aim is to provide sustainable construction solutions. We do this by ensuring that:
• Our high quality, efficient service assists our clients to run their own sustainable businesses;
• We recognise the value of our employees and their families and are committed to their safety, quality of life and training;
• Our work is conducted to the highest environmental standards so that our descendants can enjoy our beautiful region as much as we do today.


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truck excavation


Residential, commercial, industrial, educational. We can also prepare and lodge Council development applications and arrange service disconnections.
removing building wall

Asbestos Removal

Small or large projects. Bathrooms, fences, units, houses, commercial, industrial, hospitality and educational facilities and more.
truck in field excavation

Civil Projects

Roads, car parks, housing developments.
truck excavating land


Including earthworks, retaining walls, rock walls, civil works, landscaping.
tcde machinery

Machinery Hire

TCDE has a range of equipment including excavators, bobcat, trucks, float and tipper trucks (small and large)


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We are committed to managing all our operations in a manner that is efficient in terms of cost effectiveness, is completed in a manner that minimises the risk of injury to staff and the general public, and in an environmentally friendly manner. We recognise that all three of these components are closely inter linked and dependent upon each other. Therefore, we have integrated the three separate set of requirements. The system is designed to comply with the requirements of:
• ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems - requirements
• AS4801: 2001 OHS Management Systems
• ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems - Requirements
Although we have integrated the three separate requirements we have developed a separate Policy Statement for quality, safety and environmental issues to ensure that the specific aims and objectives for each are clearly documented and understood. We review and amend our policies in this regard on a yearly basis. We have measurable goals for these fields that we use to determine our level of compliance and give focus for future improvements.
The system is fully integrated, as the three separate standards have similar requirements. In this case we generally address the requirements in a single procedure as part of the QA documents. The OHS and ENV sections, therefore address requirements that are not a part of ISO9001, and / or to demonstrate compliance to legislative requirements.        
No portion of the Quality System documents may be copied without the formal approval of TCDE management.


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The operational procedures to be performed by our business are required to conform to several internal and external requirements. These requirements include but are not limited to:
• Workplace Health and Safety Act and Regulations 2011, and all relevant subordinate legislation
• Environmental Protection Act - Regulations and Policies
• Australian Standards and Codes, including ISO 9001, AS4801 and ISO 14001.

Tweed Coast Demolition & Excavations is your one-stop shop for recycled timber, demolition and excavation services on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers. Get a Free online quote now, or call us at 07 5513 0287

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